Adults BJJ

These sessions are great for fitness, self-confidence and self-defence. At BJJ Hervey Bay we teach complete Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), this includes throws, takedowns and ground submission fighting. It also includes joint lock immobilisation and striking skills in the self-defence component. BJJ was developed for use in surviving the mean streets in the cities and slums of Brazil. In Brazil it is just called Jiu-Jitsu, from this it has developed into a fun, energetic and safe sport, which people of all ages can practice.

What You Learn

  • → Throws
  • → Takedowns
  • → Joint Locks
  • → Chokes
  • → Self-defence


  • → Great for fitness
  • → Improve self-confidence
  • → Learn self-defence


BJJ Hervey Bay is part of the Maromba Academia Australia team and it has a strong and proud competition history with multiple international and national champions.


Members can wear any Gi they like to train, but must have a Club Gi or their own White Gi patched in the club patches in the club design for competitions and team photos.

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