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BJJ Training

BJJ Hervey Bay is a family orientated centre for training in the grappling art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  BJJ Hervey Bay was founded by 3rd Degree Black Belt Jim Reid.  Jim has a long history in Martial Arts and decided to open another BJJ Academy after moving to Hervey Bay in 2017.   Jim founded BJJ Tasmania with Brad Lowe in 2010 and has brought the same ethos and mat culture to BJJ Hervey Bay.  The Academy aims to provide the best quality coaching and bring top quality State, National and International instructors to BJJ Hervey Bay to improve and evolve BJJ in Hervey Bay.

Jim is a multiple gold medallist in National and International competitions. The Academy is open to all wanting to learn or improve their Jiu Jitsu skills.  Jim is proud to be part of the Maromba Academia Australia Jiu Jitsu Team with coach Thiago Stefanutti.

At BJJ Hervey Bay we teach complete BJJ including throws, takedowns, ground fighting and the very important self-defence aspects of the Art,  Jim is very passionate that all students can use BJJ for self-defence.

Our club members work as a team to make learning Jiu Jitsu a fun and enjoyable experience we encourage questions at the appropriate times and like to hear members laughing and enjoying the sessions.  We have a few rules which can be seen under the club rules tab on this website.

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We Teach

All Ages

We teach Adults, Kids , Juniors and Ladies only classes . BJJ is a great activity for self-defence, confidence and fitness.

How We


At BJJ Hervey Bay we teach complete Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Judo. This includes throws, take-downs and Ground submission fighting. It also includes joint lock immobilisation and striking skills in the self-defence sessions. BJJ was developed for use in surviving the mean streets in the cities and slums of Brazil. In Brazil it is just called Jiu-Jitsu. From this it has developed into a fun, energetic and safe sport which people of all ages can practice.

At BJJ Hervey Bay we like to teach the use of BJJ as a sport without forgetting it’s roots and origins to do this we also teach the self-defence aspects of BJJ. Traditionally it is taught wearing a Gi as a uniform but we also teach no Gi as well. In BJJ the main emphasis is finishing your opponent on the ground where size and strength loses it’s main advantage this is achieved through joint manipulation and chokes. Over 90% of fights end up on the ground but 100% start standing up so at BJJ Hervey Bay emphasis is placed on how you get there safely(!) and giving you the skills to walk away.

At BJJ Hervey Bay we like to see people learn in a safe and friendly environment. We welcome people into the club who display the ethos and attitude that promote a positive learning experience.

The team is about the many not the few. Our club is very relaxed, as we believe the best discipline is self-discipline.