Adults BJJ

Learn complete Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu including throws, takedowns, joint locks, chokes, self-defence and escapes.

Adult Colour Belts BJJ

This class is for Blue Belts and Above to learn Advanced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques.

Drills & Skills BJJ

This class is well suited to all BJJ Ranks and will be a revision of techniques taught throughout the week.

Fudamentals BJJ

BJJ Fundamentals will help any level of practitioner improve their skills and advance in the art of BJJ.

Juniors (10-16 yrs) BJJ

This class is aimed to install confidence, fitness and self defence awareness whilst teaching the skills learnt in adult classes.

Juniors (5-10 yrs) BJJ

This class comprises of Jiu Jitsu games which help kids have fun whilst learning a solid foundation in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

MMA Grappling BJJ

Tony Rossini from Wide Bay MMA.

MMA Wrestling & Takedowns BJJ

Tony Rossini from Wide Bay MMA

No Gi Grappling BJJ

BJJ Hervey Bay has a designated No-Gi coach, Tony Rossini from Wide Bay MMA.

Open Mat BJJ

At BJJ Hervey Bay we welcome all club affiliations to train at open day sessions.

Self-defence BJJ

Self-defence BJJ teaches the reason and purpose for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.