Ladies BJJ

The Ladies only BJJ is a great class for ladies wanting to get into BJJ for fun, fitness, confidence, self-defence and competition. Get fit without realising it, BJJ utilises all your core muscle groups and promotes flexibility.

The “Angel Sharks” train a on Wed, there is "no fee" for the Wed class, ladies are encouraged to bring a friend or partner to the session.

"Angel Sharks" are more than welcome to join the team on a Monday and Thursday and we offer a discounted monthly rate for all ladies that wish to join in with the regular BJJ sessions.

We are dedicated to getting more females into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and we look forward to getting you started on your BJJ journey.

What You Learn

  • → Chokes
  • → Escapes
  • → Joint Locks
  • → Self-defence
  • → Takedowns
  • → Throws


  • → Great for fitness
  • → Improve self-confidence
  • → Learn self-defence

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